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Bruschetta (2pc) / 8

House-made sourdough bread, fresh chopped tomatoes,
basil, garlic dressing

Scallops / 4.5 each

Wood-fired scallops marinated with shallot, garlic soy sauce and chilli

Fish polpette / 16

Fresh fish pan-fried patties served with  3 sauces

Mussels / 23

Certified organic south Australian mussels cooked with basil,
chardonnay and black pepper

Octopus / 22

Australian octopus warm salad with potatoes, rocket,
parsley and Italian lemon dressing

Wood-fired local oysters ½ doz 26 / doz 38

Premium Sydney Rock Oysters, wood-fired with Italian Pancetta
real black truffle balsamic reduction. Similar to Kilpatrick — only better.

Natural local oysters ½ doz 19 / doz 32

Antipasto ‘Rocco’ / 34

Large 33cm platter of Parma prosciutto, Parmigiano cheese, Italian sliced cured meats,
White pizza strips, toasted house-made bread & Sicilian marinated spicy olives



Spaghetti alla Bolognese / 22

Our Bolognese sauce is just like our mother Elena makes it,
Slow cooked for 5 hours

Penne al pomodoro / 16

Penne pasta tossed with traditional tomato sauce
 with fresh basil

Seafood Spaghetti / 32

Fresh seafood spaghetti with a touch of tomato. Calamari, Salmon, Flathead,
mussels, vongole, prawns. (We only use fresh Australian and New Zealand seafood).

Pasta Vegetariana / 22

Traditional vegetarian ragu’ sauce with seasonal vegetables and tomato sauce
(Vegan option available)

Tagliatelle scallops & prawns /36

Home-made tagliatelle with fresh scallops, prawns and a broccoli & spinach sauce
(We only use Australian and New Zealand seafood).



Rustica / 12 (w. Parma prosciutto +5)

(White pizza) Rosemary, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

Bufala / 24

(White pizza) Fresh tomatoes, Italian buffalo mozzarella, basil, garlic oil

Margherita / 18

Tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, basil.
Invented in 1889 for the unification of Italy, it represents the colour of the flag.

Parmigiana / 24

Tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, free-range smoked ham,
eggplants and shaved parmesan

Vegetariana or Vegana / 23

Tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, wood-fired seasonal vegetables,
olives, fresh rocket (vegan option available)

Mantova / 26

Italian mozzarella, roasted capsicum, home-made garlic
sausage, pesto sauce

Napoli / 22

Tomato sauce, Italian Mozzarella, black olives,
anchovies, basil

Pesto zucchine e gamberi / 26

Italian mozzarella, fresh local prawns, shaved zucchini,
diced tomatoes, basil pesto

Diavola / 23

Tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, hot salame, olives, basil

Guild / 30

Diced Roma tomato, Bufala mozzarella, fresh rocket,
Parma prosciutto and shaved parmesan

Milano / 23

Tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella, free-range smoked ham, mushrooms

Ponte / 25

Tomato sauce, I talion mozzarella, fresh local prawns,
garlic, chilli, fresh rocket

Tartufo / 26

Tomato sauce. Italian mozzarella, real black truffle cream cheese.
Parma prosciutto. white truffle oil

Ciccio bello / 26

White pizza with mozzarella, pancetta, hot salami,
chilli, basil, black truffle mascarpone

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