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When Stefano Vinetti moved to Australia from Italy, he was on a journey of personal discovery. Having grown up in Milan, Stef was surrounded by the taste and aroma of all things caffè. It could be said that Stef was born with coffee in his blood.

Arriving in Sydney at the age of nineteen, Stef fell in love with the Australian culture and just knew he was going to call Australia home. “I just wanted to explore the world,” Stef says. “When I first arrived in Sydney it was great. I felt like I had reached a new world,” said Mr Vinetti.

Loving his newfound land of Australia, it did not take long before Stef began to miss the tastes and smells of his homeland. With a desire to embrace his Italian culture, Stef set about creating a new business which would allow him to bring a little piece of Italy to Australia.

On a visit to Milton, Stef fell in love all over again and felt an instant connection with the lovely little town. “Milton has a great feel to it. It’s a classic and historical town. It feels like an ancient city,” he said.

“I also felt at home because Milton and my hometown of Milan sound similar when you say their names,” said Stef. “The people are farmers and it’s a town where the country meets the surf. There are lots of cows and farms around Milton so there is a lot of good quality local milk”.


Milton provides the perfect atmosphere for Stef to open a business that he is proud to call his own. “There is a nice organic feel to the town. It has a sophisticated look”.

“We can all share each other’s cultural experiences”. While Stef is passionate about his coffee and he wants to share his knowledge and rich experience of Italian  Food with his customers, he is reluctant to call himself

a teacher. “I don’t like to see myself as a teacher. I like to think I am an eternal student,” said Mr Vinetti.


Being able to provide the Milton community with great coffee and fresh Italian food gives Stef a lot of pleasure as he is able to give something special back to the people. “It feels nice to be able to offer something tasty and simple to the community and at the same time it’s like offering a tradition from my background,” he says.





Coffee lovers often draw comparisons between their favorite type of coffee and themselves. When asked what type of coffee most resembled his personality, Stef was certain that he was most like a cappuccino. “I am much like a cappuccino because of my background,” said Stef. “You have the combination of flavours. There’s the sweetness of the chocolate, the creaminess of the milk and the toasted aroma of the coffee. Like me, it doesn’t require any extra sweetness like sugar,” he said.



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